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Welcome to our Infinite Heart, Inc. at Home Service Training Center!

Please, before applying for a job, we kindly recommend that you watch this set of educational and training videos with very important information for you.

Training for new Employees In Home Care

Caregiver Program New Staff Orientation Training

Home Caregiver Certification: Hygiene Basics

Care in the Home | Homecare Aide Training

Home Caregiver Certification: Infection Control

Alzheimer's disease and related dementias services curriculum


Understanding dementia (e.g., hoarding, paranoia, hallucinations, and Sundown

Effectively communicating with individuals with dementia

Assisting individuals with dementia in performing activities of daily living

Problem solving with individuals with dementia who exhibit challenging behavior
(e.g., aggressive and catastrophic behaviors)

Fundamentals of dementia care

Safe environments (e.g., wandering)

Managing the activities of individuals with dementia

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